Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back and Bigger than Ever!

The cooking has had to take a back seat for a month, while I got everything settled from 17 days in the  mountains leading a retreat!  However, now that summer is officially over, it is time to get back in the saddle again!  A great way to start, is by appearing on a local TV showing to cook LIVE during the show!  Next Tuesday, I will be on the Hampton Roads Show cooking, my specaility and favorite, Crawfish Etouffee.  Now, I don't want to give away my secrets before the show, but tune in next Tuesday for a link to the show and the recipe. 

I hope you'll join us back here tomorrow, where I will be giving you another Cajun classic Jambalaya!  On Thursday, I have a wonderful recipe that I am trying out for my Around the World Dinner Club, Greek Night, Spanakopita. As for Friday and Saturday, you'll just have to tune check back to see :)

Happy Cooking, Ya'll!

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