Friday, July 9, 2010

Supper Saturday!

Saturdays is one of the few days that I do not end up working or running errands all day long.  It is the day I can truly relax.  Normally it is the day that I cook some of my best Suppers because I have all day to plan and prepare.  Summer Saturdays are a little different because I like to spend time by the pool at the Country Club and often that leads to dinner there. 

Of course, this Saturday does not include either of those things.  My mom is visiting for the summer from overseas and she had a flight to my sisters at 8:00 AM, so my day will start at 5:00 AM when she will get me up me up so we could leave for the airport by 6:00 AM.   Then I'm on my long run for the week (7 miles) and attending the Men's Bible Breakfast at church.  I'll be home in time for clean up for a trip to the first bit of "me" time in weeks and decided to take the rest of the day off.  So, instead of cooking a wonderful Supper, I am having leftover smoked ribs, which are amazing!  So, for this Supper Saturday, I will give you the guidelines for my smoked ribs.

Rib Rub:

A few Table Spoons of                  Brown Sugar (I would say 3 for each rack of ribs or  6 beef ribs)
A few Less Table Spoons of          SLAP YA MAMA (about 2)
                                                       SYM - is the best Cajun Seasoning around! See
                                                       link below to order some of your own!
A Little Bit of                                Salt  (1 ish)
A Tad of                                         Dry Mustard (1/2 or so)
                                                       Cumin  (1/2 or so)
                                                       Garlic Power (So, it should be the same as the
                                                       other two, but add more garlic because its my favorite)

Mix everything together in a small bowl.  It is not going to look like enough, but trust me it is!  You only rub a little bit on the ribs you don't want them caked -- think gram crackers dusted on top on top of a cheese cake -- not the crust underneath.

Place on smoker with warm coals and smoking chips.   I soak my smoking chips in Apple Cider Vinegar the night before. 

Let cook for 45 - minutes -- try to keep the temp of the smoker at about 175 degrees.

After 45 -- pour Apple Cider Vinegar with Red Pepper Flakes in the jug on the Ribs.  I just put the red pepper flakes in the large Apple Cider Vinegar Jug (1 gallon Jug with about 1.5 cups of pepper flakes).  For spicier ribs, put the pepper flakes in the night before.

Cook another 45 minutes --  then flip the ribs and pour more Apple Cider Vinegar

Cook Another 45 minutes -- then pour more Apple Cider Vinegar on the Ribs

Flip One more time after another 45 minutes -- pour more Apple Cider Vinegar on the Ribs

After another 45 minutes -- THEY ARE DONE!!!  Enjoy!

I normally end up using two things of Apple Cider Vinegar.  You need to be VERY generous in our pouring -- the extra vinegar will pool in the bottom of your smoker and turn into steam, which helps the ribs be even more tender and moist!

My favorite sides with Ribs -- Asian Cole Slaw and Potato Salad!  Look for Asian Cole Slaw tomorrow on Sides Sunday!

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