Friday, July 9, 2010

It's Really True......I CAN Cook Anything!

I have always loved to cook!  As the oldest grandchild, I was in my grandma's kitchen from the time I could stand.  I even had my own special "cooking drawer," filled with wooden spoons, measuring cups, and other tools of the trade just for me!  I began cooking for large groups when I was in college, when I cooked regularly for the campus ministry at Appalachian State University.  When I went to graduate school at UGA, I found another kitchen to call my own at the Presbyterian Student Center.  There I cooked with a friend Israel, who actually competed in cooking competitions, which I could never do because I do not measure anything!  In seminary, I cooked regularly for the Pentagon, my four best friends who were all boys from the south (OK one was from Southern Minnesota, but he was southern).   Now, that I am out in the real world, I find that my love for cooking is growing even stronger and I have become more adventurous as well.  It is not uncommon for me to call friends Wednesday at noon to let them know I am cooking Home-made brushetta over grilled chicken, garlic spinach, and whole wheat bread for dinner, if they are interested in joining.  I very rarely get turned down.

I am a cook that would drive professionals and housewives crazy.  I very rarely use recipes and if I do, I change it in some way.   Even if I "clean as I go," the kitchen is a HUGE mess whenever I am done and is not completely clean until after the meal is enjoyed.  I do cheat sometimes, and use store bought cookie dough, pre-made rolls, and already cut veggies.

It is only in the past six months or so, that I have begun to realize, that I can cook anything!  I can decide I have a craving for something (brushetta was the most recent one), run to the store to get what I think I need, and return home and make it!  Sometimes, I look around a kitchen (mine or someone else's) to see what food is there and figure out what to make.  Other times, I see something on a TV show that looks good.  So far, I haven't had any real disasters.  So, let's hope it stays that way!  However, I am sure there will be a few, especially now that I am taking this public!

At times, I will get distracted as I often do.  I'll share a little bit about great shopping deals, my training for the New York Marathon, faith, and adventures.  But, I bet you'll enjoy that as well!   So, join me on my adventure, as I show the world that I can good ANYTHING! 

While I do not use recipes very often, I do use cookbook for references. Each week, I'll feature a cookbook of the week!   And Every Now and Again, I'll give one away to a lucky fan!  When I reach 100 fans, I will have a drawing for one lucky follower to win their very own copy of my cookbook of the week!

Cookbook of the Week: 

 from the Junior League of Pensacola  

This is my staple cookbook and guide to cooking.  I am on my second copy in about 10 years because I reference it so much.  Everyone knows Junior League Cookbooks are the best and this is one of the best of the best!  It has great recipes for every southern staple -- with a good bit of Cajun favorites as well.  Look for lots of references to this cookbook in the future.

My favorite?  Recipes Bannana Fosters and Cheese Grit Souffle. 

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  1. Love this!! I collect cookbooks and any JL cookbook is a favorite. I also have a great family Cheese Grits Souffle recipe.