Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year A New Blog...

So, it's a new year and I decided to start a new blog.  It is actually a continuing an old blog, "I Can Cook Anything."  Cooking will be a part of this blog, but there are so many other interest in my life that I couldn't limit myself to one topic.  I'm not sure I'll ever be a daily blogger, but I'm going to do my best.  A few things I'm going to cover in the next few months:

1.  A Trip to Turkey -- On January 11th, I leave to visit my mom in Turkey for a week.  I'm super excited because it will include several days of cooking classes in a Turkish Resturant.

2.  Beginning a Couch to 5K Program, running my first 5K, training for a half marathon and running it!  I have tried in the past but something always got in my way this year, I will become a runner!

3.  Moving to Concord NC and hopefully starting a new job.  I have three interviews this weeks.  They are all very exciting opportunities, so hopefully on will work out.

4.  Figuring out if my BF is the man I was meant to spend the rest of my life with (hopefully this is a YES)! 

Of course there will be a lot of cooking, Lilly, other fashion, and being the perfect Southern Woman!

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