Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Butter Nut Squash Soup

Two years ago, the Director of Music at the church I was serving in brought her extra Butternut Squash Soup to church.  Even before I got really serious about proving I could anything, I always enjoy a challenge in the kitchen.  So, I decided to take one and figure out how to cook it.  I looked-up recipes, but everything seemed to have a sweet or cinnamon base.  I don't have a huge sweet tooth, so I decided to try a little something different.  Here's what I ended up with....

Butter Nut Squash Soup

1 Butter Nut Squash chopped into cubes
2 cups of chicken broth
1 cube of cream cheese
Cayenne Pepper

Cook the squash and chicken broth in a crock pot on low until squash is soft.  I prefer to hand mash the squash, but you can also puree it in a blender.  Add the brick of cream cheese allow to melt into the soup.  Add cayenne pepper to taste.  Enjoy!

Now, if you want to get really fancy (which I do from time to time), you can buy an acorn squash for each person you are planning to serve.  Cut the bottom off the squash (the tops are normally flatter), remove seeds, and bake the squash upside down in 1 inch of water -- including the top.  Bake for about an hour on 400.  When squash is soft to a squeeze -- not mushy, but soft -- place on a plate.  Serve soup in the bowl made out of the squash.  Put a pat of butter and a spoon-full of brown sugar in the top, for a sweet ending to you meal!



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